The Benefits of Sealing Your Ducts: Improved Air Quality and Comfort

The air in your home is an essential factor in your health and comfort. Contaminants such as vapors from household and garden chemicals, insulating particles, and dust can enter the duct system, exacerbating asthma and allergy issues. Sealing your ducts can help improve indoor air quality by reducing the risk of these contaminants entering the ducts and circulating around the house. It can also help to solve irregular cooling and heating problems, ensuring a comfortable living environment throughout the home for you and your family. The Sky Seal service utilizes advanced technology to measure energy savings, improvements in air quality, and other advantages of sealing ducts.

Leaks and holes in the ducts can generate countervailing air currents that cause harmful gases to reach living areas. In homes with allergy sufferers or asthmatics, the benefits of sealing the ducts help reduce symptoms and enhance health. The Williams Comfort Air company offers the benefits of duct sealing to Indianapolis-area homeowners through the Aeroseal process. This process seals duct leaks from the inside, eliminating the difficulty and extra labor involved in repairing ductwork in hard-to-reach areas of the home. The additional benefits of sealing ducts include reducing cleaning needs, as interior spaces remain cleaner. Because the system must compensate for heating and cooling losses, it runs more cycles and operates more frequently than it would if there were no leaks in the ducts.

According to Energy Star, an estimated 20 to 30 percent of the air that passes through air ducts is lost due to holes, leaks, and poorly connected ducts. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also states that the average home loses 20 to 30 percent of its air conditioner due to duct leaks. If you want to check the condition of your air ducts, call a local professional for regular maintenance visits. They will cover duct surfaces with an antimicrobial compound and check for other problems such as bent, sunken, or damaged ducts, poor insulation, and undersized supply or return chambers. Sealing your air vents will help maintain a comfortable living environment throughout your home.