Achieving Even Temperatures in Your Home with Duct Sealing

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable and balanced all year round, the condition of your heating and cooling system is key. Poor airflow and uneven temperatures can be caused by leaks or holes in the ducts, leading to a need for duct sealing. Aeroseal is an innovative solution that can help you achieve even temperatures in your home without the need for invasive methods. This unique approach is easier and more effective at sealing leaks than other methods.

If any major problems are detected when applying the Aeroseal duct sealant spray, the system will stop immediately to inspect the problem and provide an immediate solution before re-sealing. It's important to understand the role ductwork plays in the functionality of HVAC systems, and why it's vital to update them when the time is right. However, there are other duct services in Lake Worth, Florida, that may make more sense than replacing them when you discover problems with your air ducts.

Duct sealing

is just one small piece of the household air sealing puzzle.

Professional duct sealing involves the use of professional-quality putty and requires special skills and training to complete it. That said, for the vast majority of homeowners, the best way to think about duct sealing on their own is as an interim measure. The entity warns that accessing the ducts can be difficult, but it still offers homeowners a list that you can make yourself: inspect them, seal the holes with putty or adhesive tape, and wrap with insulation the ducts that pass through unconditioned spaces. If your home qualifies, you may be able to get a complete home air sealing package (including improvements to duct sealing and insulation) without paying anything up front.

Aeroseal's revolutionary technology uses hot polymer glue to seal the ducts from the inside out, allowing it to seal even the smallest holes in the ducts. Bill Diederich, vice president of residential at Aeroseal, said that duct sealing is the best way to achieve maximum equipment efficiency and energy savings. With Aeroseal's innovative approach, you can ensure that your heating and cooling system provides constant comfort and balanced humidity all year round.