The Benefits of Duct Sealing and Cleaning

Maintaining a comfortable home environment requires more than just a functioning HVAC system. To ensure that your home is properly sealed against the outside and that the air quality is kept at its best, it is essential to keep your air ducts clean and sealed. Cleaning and sealing air ducts are two different processes that can improve the performance of air conditioning systems and provide a healthier living environment. Cleaning air ducts involves removing dust, dirt, and other debris from the ducts to improve indoor air quality and prevent the spread of contaminants.

Duct sealing, on the other hand, involves sealing any leaks or gaps in the ducts to prevent air leaks and improve energy efficiency. Sealing duct leaks prevents contaminants such as dust, pollen, and mold from entering your home, improving indoor air quality and reducing allergy symptoms. Sealing air ducts can help improve the overall performance of the air conditioning system by preventing air loss and increasing airflow. Duct sealant is applied like a sealant in a bicycle tube to repair a leak.

You can trust Atlantic Bay Contracting to be a reliable and experienced supplier for your duct sealing needs. Duct sealing can reduce temperature inconsistencies and drafty areas, providing more consistent heating and cooling throughout the home. Or, seal your ducts with adhesive tape approved for air conditioning work and approved by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standard. If you notice a decrease in the efficiency of your HVAC system, consult a professional to determine if you need to seal the ducts or perform other repairs. Sealing your ducts can help reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality, and increase the lifespan of your HVAC system.

With proper maintenance, you can ensure that your home is comfortable all year round.