Should You Clean Your Ducts Before Aeroseal? A Comprehensive Guide

It is essential to start with a clean air duct system before using the Aeroseal product. This way, air duct cleaning companies can guarantee their customers the best results. Most customers understand that once their ducts have been sealed with the Aeroseal process, they don't need to be cleaned again for some time. However, ducts made of all types of materials can be effectively cleaned once sealed with Aeroseal.

We strongly suggest that the ducts be pre-cleaned. The process will modify the airflow in the ducts and, even if there is light dirt, it may be suspended in the air when the system is turned on again. The Aeroseal air duct sealing system can reduce the number of leaks by up to 90%, reducing dust and other indoor air contaminants from your home air conditioner. Sealing air ducts will also reduce the chances of any cross-contamination occurring between different areas of the building.

It is also essential that the company visually inspect all air ducts and related system components, as any debris or contaminants left in the ducts after they are repaired could cause future damage and health problems in your home. The NADCA (National Association of Air Duct Cleaners) is a nonprofit business association that offers air duct cleaning services. Sealing ductwork within a structure will save energy, increase comfort and ventilation levels, and in some cases comply with building codes. The inspection makes it possible to detect any obvious breaks in the ducts and, as an initial step in the sealing process, the Aeroseal system will determine the exact number of leaks in the duct system.

In summary, it is highly recommended to clean your air ducts before applying Aeroseal. This will ensure that your home is safe from any potential health risks and that you get the best results from your Aeroseal product.